TRRC Commissioner Training

September 10, 2018

Truth Commission Training Of Commissioners and Senior Staff of the TRRC 

TRRC Town Hall – Serrakunda

September 22, 2018

Townhalls are community conversations with the TRRC open to all citizens. Gambians from all walks of life are welcome and encouraged to share their hopes, concerns and perspectives on the our recent past and our collective efforts to shape a better future.

Women’s Listening Circle

September 29, 2018

The TRRC and its Commissioners will be hosting Women’s Listening Circles. These events are specially designated places for women to discuss the challenges they faced under the Jammeh regime due to being a women or girl.  This is a place for Gambian women together to find new voice. 

Young Voices Campaign: Constituent Assembly

October 06, 2018

Gambia’s young leaders are driving positive change in our nation. The energy, determination and creativity they commit to the new Gambian embodies the ‘Never Again’ work of the TRRC.

To capture young voices and engage young leaders in our work, the TRRC is hosting a Constituent Assembly in coordination with our partners from the youth movement. Over two days, young leaders will be elected by their peers to join the TRRC in Kombo to share their views, concerns, aims and commitments for the Gambian transitional justice process. 

This event is in collaboration with the National Youth Council, TANGO, ICTJ and the UNDP.