The TRRC is an independent Gambian institution mandated to conduct research and investigations into human rights violations committed under the presidency of Yahya Jammeh. The Commission further aims to prevent a repetition of the violations and abuses suffered under the past regime by making recommendations to government and citizens aimed at ensuring the crimes of the past never recur in The Gambia.

In pursuit of these aims, the TRRC will facilitate community and national reconciliation, launch civic education efforts on peace and justice, design individual and communal reparations, and shape the scope of future prosecutions and amnesties.  It will promote national reconciliation and healing, by assisting victims and their relatives.

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The Gambia’s TRRC takes a victim centred approach. This means we put the dignity and wellbeing of those who are victims of human rights abuse first.

The TRRC’s operations and objectives are guided by the principles of accountability and right to redress for victims. Through our efforts, we aim to renew a civic commitment to rule of law and ensure this country will never again be a place unsafe for its citizens.

We recognise that commonly adopted approaches to truth seeking could possibly have negative impacts on Gambian communities.  Our communities are tightly interwoven. In this context, speaking openly about the past experiences may sow discord in small, interrelated communities. for this reason, different means of testifying have been devised, which cater for these possibilities and are designed to mitigate or avoid them. 

It is not an option to silence victims who wish to speak or to hide from the truth out of fear. The TRRC must innovate new approaches to truth seeking work that will allow Gambians to speak freely about human rights violations without damaging the social fabric of tightknit communities. Thus the TRRC is committed to finding solutions that will allow victims to share their stories without undue risk.

The TRRC will do everything possible to ensure safe and supportive spaces are available for the full participation of all citizens, with special emphasis on the importance of the active participation of victims in our planning and operations.  The Commission will take special measures to ensure the safety, anonymity and confidentiality of informants, especially when children are involved. If there is a likelihood that the life or the property of a victim or witness is in danger, the TRRC may act within its capacities to help safeguard the individual and his or her property.

Of particular note, every available precaution will be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of survivors of sexual abuse, gender-based violence and other vulnerable groups. This includes survivors of Jammeh’s forced HIV treatments who risk stigmatization should their experiences be made public in unsupportive forums.